Glow In The Dark Basketball Net

Who needs daylight when you have a glow in the dark basketball net. With this night illuminating net you can sink buckets until the sun comes up!



Unbreakable Shoelaces

If you are like me, I go through 2 or 3 pairs of shoelaces a year. This is a great product for those of us who want a pair of shoelaces that last.



USB Tentacle

Back in the day, the coolest thing ever was the USB Humping Dog. What did it do? You stuck it in your USB port and it… that being said, it bumped your PC, much like a loving male puppy is…



USB Cufflinks

Looking for new way to make your data more secure. No one will no know you are walking around with classified information when your wearing these USB Cufflinks.



Dog Treadmill

It your little four legged friend looking a little beefy. Don’t worry, you can get your dog fit with the PetZen DogTread Dog Treadmill.  



Medieval Chainmail Necktie

All business men usually have a large collection of boring neckties. Why don’t you show up for that important meeting wearing a chain mail necktie!



The Crovel

Your probably wondering what is a Crovel? Well it the most badass multifunction, manly tool to be invented ever. Its a shovel, a Crowbar, chisel and bottle opener and a few other things.



Plush Zombie Slippers

Enjoy watching the The Walking Dead with a hot coffee wearing a comfortable pair of Zombie Slippers. When you slip these on, the zombie heads look as if they are consuming your foot!



Rainbow Showerhead Nozzle

Enjoy your hot shower under the comfort of a rainbow. This innovative showerhead nozzle is ideal for leprechauns and people who generally like rainbows.



App Controlled Bartender Machine

There are literally hundreds of different drinks that you can mix nowadays. Mix the perfect cocktail with the help of the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender.



  • iPhone Breathalyzer

    We’ve all done it. Had one to many while out partying with friends. You’re pretty sure your good to go but you don’t want to take that risk. Be 100% sure with the Ipega digital alcohol tester for your iPhone!



  • Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    Safety first. If you want to protect your noggin while riding your favorite crotch rocket then why not do it in style with X-FF Fiber Factory Predator Motorcycle Helmet.



  • Marshall Amp Fridge

    Looking for the perfect gift for that special musician in your life. The Marshall Amp fridge will keep your beer cold for those long jam sessions.



  • Personal Gaming Environment

    Many hardcore gamers can’t be away from their favorite console for more than a minute. Take your gaming experience mobile with the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment.



  • Two Person Go Kart

    Go karting has always been a fun past time for many people. With the TaoTao ATK125  you can own the road with this badass 2 person 125cc semi auto go kart with reverse.



  • Top 5 Gaming TV’s

    With the launch of the next generation of consoles you probably want know what HDTV you should pair up with your new system. There are many options available, but some tv’s are designed better for gaming.

    349.99 - 3999.99


  • Death Wish Coffee K-Cups

    Most people like a nice pick me up in the morning by having a cup of coffee. Be careful with these K-Cups, you might be awake for days if you have some Death Wish Coffee brand coffee.



  • Alarm Clock with Target

    Its 7:00am almost time for you to wake up and get ready for work. Just need like 10 more minutes. Hit the snooze button with authority with the alarm clock that come with a gun and target!



  • Walking Dead Monopoly

    If your a fan of board games you’ve more than likely played Monopoly. Here is the Zombie spin on this classic. The Walking Dead Monopoly.



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