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3D Chocolate Printing Machine

3D printers have been around for some years now and these revolutionary machines will become more and more common in our homes over the next years. But this is the very first 3D printer that can print chocolate!


Via chocedge.com

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This is without a doubt a printer for all chocolate fans out there.

Regular 3D printers that can print literally anything in plastic are not new. These machines have been on the market for some years now and there's no limit to what they can print - toys, spare parts, decorations and even gun parts. But they can't print 3D objects in chocolate, until now!

The Choc Creator is in fact the world's first 3D chocolate printing machine and there's no limit to what you can print in chocolate with this sweet baby on your kitchen benchtop. It works just like a regular 3D printer except that the Choc Creator prints the objects in chocolate instead of plastic. This is great news for all the chocoholics out the who wants to create their own custom made pieces of chocolate with a push of a button!

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