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80 Feet Snowball Blaster

Get ready to push your opponents back and conquer new snowy territories with this combined snowball maker / long range snowball blaster that can blast snowballs up to 80 feet!


Via Amazon.com

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Are you tired of tame snowball fights where you and your friends are trying to have a long range battle, but can't get your snowballs hitting your opponents hard enough? Or maybe you aren't able to hit them at all because of the long distance? Then you should try out this amazing snowball blaster! It's a combined snowball maker/blaster and can shoot its snowballs as far as 80 feet with an accuracy you can't achieve by throwing snowballs with your hands at that distance.

The Snowball Blaster is designed to both make snowballs and to shoot them up to 80 feet to deliver enough punch and stopping power over long ranges to let you conquer new snowy territories at a distance, while your opponents are struggling to hit you (if they're able to throw that far of course). Become the new king of the hill and defend that title as easy as a child's play because no one stands a chance when you're armed with this deadly blaster!

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