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9mm / 0.357 Air Rifle

Who said air rifles can’t kill? This sweet baby fires 9mm bullets with a velocity on 730 feet per second! That’s like a bullet from a 9mm handgun. No wonder that it can kill 200-pound heavy wild boars.


Via Pyramydair.com

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This is the air rifle you certainly don't want to give to your 10-year-old as a birthday gift. Because if you thought that air rifles couldn't kill, you should think again. The Evanix Conquest 9mm PCP Air Rifle was mainly built for hunting and it serves that job pretty well. The air rifle's velocity is on 730 feet per second with a muzzle energy on incredible 130 ft/lbs, which is a lot for a 9mm / 0.357" bullet fired with an air rifle. That's more like the muzzle energy from a 9mm handgun! And if you really want to neutralize the target, you can empty the rifle's 7-round circular clip under 2 seconds thanks to its semi-automatic firing mechanism. And since the Evanix Conquest is powered by air, you can shoot your game almost completely noiselessly.

If you want a big bore air rifle that you can hunt wild boars, deer and zombies with, then the Evanix Conquest 9mm Air Rifle is an excellent choice.

Evanix Conquest 9mm Air Rifle

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