Back To The Future Hoverboard

If you’ve seen the brilliant 80’s and 90’s movies ‘Back to the Future’, you’ve probably wanted one of these hoverboards ever since! This fully functional hoverboard can glide over most surfaces except water of course.



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Do you remember 'Back to the Future part 2' where Marty McFly borrowed a "hoverboard" from a little girl when he was chased by Biff? Ever since the geek saw this board in the movie for the first time, it has been his wet dream. And if you share the same wet dream as all the other geeks who grew up during the 80's and the 90's, you can now fulfill your dream with this awesome fully functional Back to the Future hoverboard replica!

It has the uthentic "whooshing" sound from the films and it's also authentic decorated. The hoverboard can glide and hover over most surfaces (except water) but unfortunately, it cannot be ridden because the hover feature doesn't support the weight of a human.

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