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Backyard Theater System

Surprise your guests the next time you have a backyard party with the Backyard Theater System. It’s basically a complete 16′ x 9′ inflatable outdoor movie system that turns your backyard into your own little “drive-in” theater!


Via Amazon.com

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It's always nice with a backyard party where you invite friends and family. You eat lots of good barbecue food and everyone gets drunk afterwards when the host serve his new local moonshine. But if you want a slightly different party next time when you're the host where you give your guests a whole new experience, you should invest in this awesome Backyard Theater System that will turn your backyard into your own little "drive-in" theater so you and your friends or relatives can watch a movie or have your own little video game tournament on the 220 inch screen in the evening.

It comes complete with a 16' x 9' inflatable outdoor movie screen (220 inches!!!), movie projector, audio mixer, DVD player, speakers and cables.

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