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Bacon Lip Balm

Are you often bothered by dry lips due to excessive bacon eating? With the Bacon Lip Balm, you can kill two birds with one stone by healing your dry lips at the same time as it tastes bacon!


Via Amazon.com

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Ah, bacon... There are few things in life that are better than these thin slices of wonderful, salty and delicious pork meat that we fry in its own fat until the slices are crispy as Pringles. But there may occur some problems with excessive bacon eating such as dry and cracked lips due to the bacon's high salt level. And if you get such dry and cracked lips, you must unfortunately stay away from bacon for a few days until your lips have healed. Then it may be good to know that there's one temporary solution that kills two birds with one stone - The Bacon Lip Balm!

This ingenious invention let you heal your cracked and dry lips at the same time as it gives you the delicious taste of bacon around your mouth.

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