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Caffeinated Popcorn

Mother of god, yes! Now you can eat your favorite salty snack at the same time as you ingest caffeine! Perfect if you need to gain long lasting energy during the Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon.


Via Amazon.com

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Up until now, the only way to ingest caffeine was to drink coffee, energy drinks or chewing on caffeine tablets. But that was in prehistoric times! Now there is a caffeine-containing snack on the market that all popcorn lovers will love! It's called 'Caffeinated Popcorn', and is as the name implies, caffeine-infused popcorn so you can gain some energy at the same time as you're consuming your favorite snack.

Combine the popcorn with an energy drink, and you are settled for those incredible long & epic movie marathons such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or the Star Wars film series.

If you're already addicted to popcorn, we bet you will be even more addicted after you have tried these.

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