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Dog Umbrella

The first thing the modern human does when he gets some rain drops on himself is to open his umbrella. But what about the poor dog!? With the Dog Umbrella, you can keep your best friend dry too!


Via Amazon.com

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Ever since the idea of ​​the umbrella was exported from China to the Western world, the umbrella has been man's number 1 preferred thing to use to keep himself dry during rain at the same time as it's quite stylish to walk on the street with a brolly over the head. That's good for you, but what about your dog? Your dog isn't always walking next to your feet because everyone who has a dog knows that it likes to pull the leash and sniff everywhere and mark his territory, which means that your best friend gets wet even though you're walking with a large umbrella over your head when it's raining. And having a dog who is constantly sick because he gets wet all the time isn't fun for either the dog or its owner. But now you can end this problem once and for all and keep your best friend dry and comfotable in the rain!

With the ingenious and transparent Dog Umbrella, your furry friend can pull the leash, sniff on other dogs and mark his territory as much as he want to without getting wet when it's raining! Just attach the umbrella to your dog's collar with the adjustable leash under the umbrella and he'll keep dry during the whole walk.

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