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Duff Energy Drink

This beverage comes straight from the Duff Brewery in Springfield! But unfortunately, it’s only an energy drink and it doesn’t contain beer so you won’t get a greater-than-16 blood-alcohol level by drinking it.


Via Amazon.com

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What does Homer, Carl and Lenny do after a long and tiring day of work at the nuclear power plant? Yes, they relax with a couple of Duff Beers. Either at home or they join Barney Gumble at Moe's Tavern. And now you can do exactly the same as they do. Well, not with Duff Beer, but with a refreshing Duff Energy Drink!

The Duff Energy Drink contains 12 ounces of delicious caffeinated fluid and it's the perfect collectible for any fans of The Simpsons. And we are pretty sure that Duffman will appreciate that you drink their energy drink just as much as they appreciate that all alcoholics in Springfield drink their beer.

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