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Earl The Survival Tablet

Meet Earl, the world’s first waterproof + solar charging survival tablet. It features maps, radio tuner with emergency radio, GPS, weather forecasting, walkie-talkie and so much more. Earl is truly the outdoorsman’s biggest dream.


Via MeetEarl.com

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Are you afraid that your iPad will be damaged by water or that it runs out of power without you having the ability to charge it when you're out in the woods, at sea or up in the montains? Now you don't have to worry about your expensive iPad getting wet, dirty or that it runs out of power when you need to know your location in the wilderness anymore because the waterproof and solar charging survival tablet 'Earl' has finally arrived.

Earl is the revolutionary all-in-one survival gadget you wish you had from the beginning.

Earl features:

- A dust/mud/shock/water-proof construction with a solar panel on the back that provides up to 20 hours of battery in one single charge.

- A GPS chipset that can track up to 20 GPS satellites at once to give you precise information about your location, direction and elevation. You can also access 300,000+ trails through Earl and connect it with various devices via Bluetooth.

- Internal weather sensors such as a thermometer, barometer, a built-in wind speed micro sensor and an air humidity sensor to give you pretty accurate weather forecasts.

- A two-way radio so you can keep in touch with other radios no matter where you are in the wilderness. The radio features GMRS, MURS and FRS transceivers so you can connect your Earl to both digital and analog radio frequencies up to 20 miles away.

- A built-in radio tuner so you can listen to the worldwide FM band, the worldwide AM band, the ShortWave band, the LongWave band and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather band through its 1-watt speaker. It's always pleasant to listen to some radio when you're sitting next to the campfire and grill fish.

Earl also allows you to upload various guides to its memory so you have something to read in the woods. It can for example be survival guides, the Holy Bible or a good novel. It also has a built-in micro compass and the screen is glove friendly so you can keep your gloves on when you use it.

This is truly the future of survival!

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