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Elephant Dump Delivery Service

Give someone you know an anonymous bag of elephant dump delivered anonymously to his or hers door as a birthday gift, and the recipient will get a laughter breakdown. No one will ever forget this gift!


Via ShitSenders.com

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Most of us like to receive gifts from our loved ones when we have birthday. The most common gifts are flowers, watches, jewelry, clothing, etc. But these are gifts that the recipient quickly forget since there are nothing special about them. They are completely ordinary gifts that everyone gives to each other. But if you want to give your girlfriend, a family member or a close friend a gift he or she never will forget, you should try out this anonymous elephant poop delivery service!

A bag of elephant dump from ShitSenders.com is the ultimate gag gift to date. Just order a quart and enter the recipient's delivery address, and the dump will be delivered anonymously to his or hers door with a nice little business card right in the shit that says "You've been pooped on, want to know by whom? OVER" on the front, and when the recipient dig in the smelly crap and turn the business card, the recipient will read "We'll never tell. www.poopsenders.com"!

This is also the perfect "revenge service" if you're mad at your room mate for all the evil pranks he has pulled on you.

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