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Fingerfood Plates

Nothing is better than eating with your fingers. But the problem with fingerfood is that you get terribly messy and greasy on your fingers. But now you can end this problem once and for all with these ingenious fingerfood plates!


Via Amazon.com

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Food tastes so much better when you eat it with your fingers. No one knows exactly why, but it may have something to do with the time when man were hunters and gatherers. They didn't have any cutlery, but instead they ate and enjoyed their well deserved food with their hands and licked off the mess from their hands and fingers afterwards. Even to this day, we like to do that just because the food tastes so much better when we eat like a caveman. But the problem is that it's not as socially acceptable as it was for 10,000 years ago. People will stare at you and call you a pig if you are at a fancy high-class restaurant and start to eat your food with your fingers. And in the worst case, the Butler may ask you to leave. But there is a simple solution to this - The ingenious Fingerfood Plates!

With these fingerfood plates, you'll never again receive any ugly looks when you eat with your fingers at your favorite high-class restaurant because the Fingerfood plates merge class and the Caveman instinct into something that's socially acceptable.

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