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Giant Bag Of Cereal Marshmallows

Are you annoyed of the small amounts of marshmallows in the cereal that you feel like you have found gold when you first find some? With this giant bag of cereal marshmallows, you’ll have marshmallows for weeks!


Via Amazon.com

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If you like cereals, we are 99% sure you have experienced this problem - You dig and dig in the cereal to try to find some marshmallows, the best pieces of them all, but all you can find are the other "less delicious" pieces. And if you are so lucky that you eventually find some mouth-watering pieces of cereal marshmallows, you feel like a gold digger from the 1800s who finally finds a lump of gold after months of digging.

You can either continue to buy pack after pack of cereal to only find a few marshmallows in each packet, or you can buy this giant 8 pound bag of freeze dried cereal marshmallows and eat as many bowls of cereal marshmallows as you can for many weeks!

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