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Giant Floating Playground

Unleash your inner child with this enormous floating playground raft. Place it in the nearest lake or in the sea and invite friends and family over for some fun at you very own water park.


Via WibitSports.com

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Always wanted to own your very own water amusement park since the tickets to the other water parks are too expensive? Well, now you have the chance to finally save the money you use on those expensive water park tickets and realize one of your biggest, and "wettest" dreams. For only $69,995.00, you can now own your very own giant floating playground that can hold up to 60 playful adults and kids at once. And if you want to earn som extra money in the summers, why not open it for the public and charge entrance fees?

This floating playground raft is packed with stuff such as podiums, balance beams, bridges, trampolines, swings, cliffs, "action towers", slides, and so much more!

It will definitely become a big hit among youngsters and childish grown ups on hot & sunny summer days.

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