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Gigantic 12-Feet Beach Ball

Become the top dog of the beach with this gigantic 12-feet beach ball. It looks just like a classic 3-color beach ball, only SUPERSIZED! It will provide hours of fun for the whole family at the beach.


Via Amazon.com

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Have you always thought that regular beach balls are too small and want something bigger to play with to impress the others on the beach and especially the ladies? Then you should invest in this gigantic beach ball which is 10 feet in diameter when it's fully inflated, and 12 feet in diameter when it's flat.

This supersized beach ball will without a doubt provide hours of fun for the whole family and everyone else who plays with it. And if you are single, the ball will certainly catch the hot bikini ladies' attention. Because we all know that chicks like big things, and especially huge balls.

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