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How To Get Fat Manual

Putting on weight ain’t always as easy as it might sound, and especially not in these modern times where everything should be as healthy as possible. If you want to get fat, this manual is a good start.


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In today's society, everything should be as healthy as possible. Wherever you go in the grocery store, there are vegetable stands, fruit stands, cereal packets where it is printed "Almost Zero Fat!" onto them, etc. everywhere. And regular foods that hippies call for "unhealthy food" is almost hidden in the store. And we predict that it will only get harder and harder to find real man food the next coming years when the vegitarian hippies have got it the way they want it. This is bad news for us men who want to maintain the size of our belly, and everyone else who are struggling with putting on weight. So if you want to gain weight in the meantime, this handy little manual contains everything you need to know about how to put on weight and get the big belly you deserve.

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