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Inflatable Floating Island Raft

Fulfill your childhood dream of owning your very own giant floating island. It can take up to 6 persons and it has a built-in cooler so you and your friends can enjoy ice-cold sodas on warm summer days.


Via Amazon.com

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The Inflatable Floating Island Raft is all childrens biggest dream, and all childish grown ups too. Because what could possible be funnier than to invite your friends over to your very own floating island and enjoy the warm sun and the chilly sea on a hot summer day? This inflatable raft-like island can take up to 6 persons (probably more) and it has 4 built-in cupholders, 2 built-in coolers for the soda, 2 wading pools to cool down your and the passengers feet and it even has its own boarding platform! So watch out for pirates when you are drifting with the island raft far out at sea.

But if you live in the highlands far from the sea or any lake, you can of course put it in your backyard, fill it with water, sit down and relax with a beer. It's almost just as fun and relaxing as drifting on the seven seas.

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