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Life Sized Bender Sculpture

Shut up and pay attention to me, Bender! Now you humans can get me as a life sized full-metal robot so you can bite my shiny, metal ass all day long! But remember to give me booze and cigars.


Via Etsy.com

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Always wanted to have Bender Bending Rodríguez, the alcoholic, chain-smoking and gambling Bending Unit 22 robot in you your living room? Well, now you have chance because this life sized full-metal sculpture of this notorious bending unit is the closest thing to Bender you'll ever come in this millennium. And he's made of 40% titanium, 40% lead and 40% chromium, but he acts like he's made of 240% pure evil!

This sculpture of your favorite cartoon robot also has a storage compartment in his stomach where you can hide various stolen goods. All Bender wants in return from you are booze, robotic prostitutes and cigars.

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