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Man Crate Snack Pack

Real men need real fuel. That’s something the guys at Man Crates have understood. That’s why they have put together a cornucopia of man fuel, thrown it in a crate and called it for the ‘Man Crate Snack Pack’!


Via ManCrates.com

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If you happen to be a man and plan to order a big package of snacks in the near future, you should really go for this Man Crate Snack Pack. But if you are one of those hip, feminine guys who use to look at the nutrition facts label for fat and calorie content of everything you eat, forget it! This crate is for real men who aren't afraid to consume snacks that contains a lot of fat, carbohydrates and calories in addition to their beer - Stuff that a man body needs.

This Man Crate contains in all 14 different types of snacks such as Oreos, Corn Nuts, a huge box of Crunch & Munch and Pringles just to mention some.

There's no fluff with this package and it also comes with a crowbar so you easily can open your Man Crate without having to burn unnecessary calories by smashing the crate into the wall.

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