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Premium Bacon Strips in a Gift Box

Say it with bacon! Express how much you love your boyfriend or husband with a gift box with some premium bacon strips. Surprise him with a box, and he’ll remember those delicious bacon strips the rest of his life.


Via SayItWithBacon.com

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Maybe you've planned to purchase a new watch to your boyfriend or huspand for his birthday or for your next anniversary. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but almost everyone else does the same thing. There's nothing special with a new watch, except if it is a very expensive Rolex of course. But if you can't afford an expensive golden Rolex watch with a diamond dial, but still want to give your loved one an extraordinary gift that he never ever will forget, you should surprise him with a gift box with a pack of premium bacon strips. It will definitely be his tastiest gift ever!

Each gift box contains a pack of Oscar Mayer Original Bacon Strips, which are the most exclusive and perfect bacon strips in the world. Everything with these bacon strips are pure perfection - Its fine cut, its timeless consistency, its dazzling color and its enduring smoke cure where only the finest hardwood has been used to flavor & preserve the best parts of the pig. With each gift box, you'll also get a stainless steel money clip, a set of dashing bacon cufflinks or a multi-tool.

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