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The Dog Paw Washer

With this ingenious tube-looking thing, you can easily clean your dog’s dirty paws no matter how muddy and nasty they are. Just place your best friend’s paw inside the tube and clean it with natural water.


Via Amazon.com

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We all know how dirty it can get in our house after the dog has been out in the rain and played in the puddles. The paws are full of mud and dirt that sticks to the floor, your furniture and your white mats and not least, it's really annoying for your furry four-legged friend to have dirt under his paws that begins to itch when it dries. Many dog owners use brushes to scrub away the dirt under their paws, but this old-fashioned technique can give them sore and painful paws. With that in mind, it may be good to know that there is a tube-looking device that gives your dog sparkling clean paws efficiently and effortlessly by using natural bursts of water, without making them sore.

Both you, your house and your dog will love it!

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