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The JawSaw

The JawSaw is the perfect saw to cut branches with because of its long extension handle. But it could also be your class 2 anti zombie weapon because it will make it easy to dismember the zombies at a distance!


Via Amazon.com

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Whether you're going to cut branches or dismember zombies, the JawSaw really live up to its name.

It's basically an electric chainsaw inside a jaw with backward-facing teeth that will make it easy for you to grab and cut what you want. Whether it's branches when you're working in the garden, or if you have to dismember zombies at a distance in the zombie apocalypse. It comes with an exstention handle so you can reach and cut thick branches up to 12 feet feet high, or body parts on a zombie 12 feet away!

All these features combined makes it into an useful allround saw for your garden or a great zombie apocalypse survival weapon!

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