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Vacuum Pooper Scooper

There’s no need to touch the dog’s doo again when you have this vacuum pooper scooper. Remove the dog’s waste effortlessly and stylish with the pooper scooper’s 30,000-rpm motor. Works on any surface!


Via Amazon.com

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If you own a dog, you are probably familiar with how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be to pick up the dog's waste when you're walking him in a crowded area. Absolutely everyone stares at you while you pick up the poop with the small black plastic bag with your hand. And it is especially embarrassing when some hot chicks, which probably could attend Miss Universe, spots you with the doo in the palm of your hand. But if you want to end these uncomfortable and embarrassing moments once and for all, you should invest in one of these practical vacuum pooper scoopers and let it's 30,000-rpm motor do the crappy job for you without having you to touch the dog's doo ever again!

This motor powered shovel allows you to easily and effortlessly remove the poop with a push of a button. It sucks the waste into a disposable plastic bag at the bottom of the "shovel" and the waste will not touch any part of the device since the disposable bags wraps around the vacuum's intake.

Each bag can hold up to a week's worth of poop and a AC adapter, 10 disposable plastic bags and an instructional DVD are included.

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