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Wolverine Claw Dagger

Equip your fists with the same blades as your favorite superhero. These razor sharp stainless steel claws aren’t retractable as Logan’s, but they’re just as cool. Perfect if you are a mutant without any special abilities.


Via Amazon.com

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You watch X-Men on TV at home a late Saturday night and see Wolverine, or Logan as he's known among the others in the X-Men league, and think "Man! I wish I had retractable claws inside my fists that I could fight evil with just like Wolverine". Well, this dream is not as unrealistic as you might think. In fact, the only thing you need besides going through some genetic experiments, is to have a proper Wolverine costume and a pair of these awesome claw daggers! Obviously, they can not be surgically implanted in your arms, but what the heck! They look just as cool as the real thing. But be careful, these wolverine claws aren't toys. They are made of razor sharp stainless steel and can cut flesh like swords.

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