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World’s Most Powerful Flashlight

Doesn’t your regular flashlight light strong enough when you have to fix something in your car’s engine compartment when it’s dark? Then you might want to get this flashlight which is the world’s brightest!


Via Wickedlasers.com

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Do you think that your regular flashlight is too weak? Then this super-bright flashlight, which is without a doubt the world's brightest, will solve your problem! With a total of incredible 4,100 lumens of raw light power, it's so bright that you can grill with it! Now how many flashlights allow you to do that? None that we can think of except this one!

The flashlight's incredible power comes from its 100 Watt strong halogen bulb that's powered by a 12x2/3A 1500mAh Cells 14.4V rechargeable battery (which is included + a battery charger). One fully charged battery will provide you with light for about 5-10 minutes.

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