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World’s Most Powerful Laser

Forget all the weak, regular handheld lasers out on the market because this sweat (and legal) baby has incredible 1,250 milliwatts of power – enough to burn stuff!


Via Wickedlasers.com

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The ultra-awesome S3 Spyder III Arctic laser's 1,250 milliwatts of power is enough to light matches, burn holes in paper, burn holes in plastic, pop balloons and start fires across your room! How many other handheld lasers are able to do that? We can't think of any. But we know one thing, and that is that this laser "weapon" is available to you!

This seriously badass laser is also crafted from incredible strong aircraft aluminum, which makes it almost indestructible.

So if you want to record that you burn holes in stuff, pop balloons, light matches, etc. with a laser and upload your awesome videos to YouTube, then the S3 Spyder III Arctic laser is an absolute must-have.

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