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Wrist Strap Fishfinder

While many fishfinders are stationary, you can wear this one on your wrist like a watch. The Wrist Strap Fishfinder is perfect if you want to locate your next catch while you’re running back and forth in the boat.


Via Hammacher.com

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While regular sonar sensor fishfinders are stationary and affixed to the boat, this little waterproof gadget can be worn on your wrist just like a regular wrist watch. But don't let its small size fool you because it works just as well as any other decent sonar sensor. It comes with a waterproof remote sensor, which can detect your next big catch as deep as 120 feet with a 75 feet wide radius. The Wrist Strap Fishfinder does also have backlighting and a puls-lit advanced sensor so you can use it for night fishing as well as for day fishing.

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